Rare Cancers Genomics Project

Dr Lynnette Fernandez-Cuesta and Dr Matthieu Foll describe the Rare Cancers Genomics project, an initiative focused on the molecular characterization of rare cancers. Their work under this project has recently led to the identification of a new aggressive subtype of lung neuroendocrine tumour and the creation of a molecular map for these rare diseases.

The molecular map, aided by artificial intelligence, will provide useful information for the clinical management of patients.

Studying rare cancers is critically important. While some individual cancer types may be rare, when taken together, rare cancers represent about 25% of all cancer cases and have worse average survival rates than those of more common cancers.

Visit the Rare Cancers Genomics website: www.rarecancersgenomics.com
Visit the IARC website: www.iarc.fr

Enregistré le : 16/08/2019

Speaker(s) : Lynnette Fernandez-Cuesta and Dr Matthieu Foll

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